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Epic Ink
Unused logos that I designed for an imprint of becker&mayer books. I came at these from two different directions: using northwest icons, and interpreting "ink" in the visual. Most of what you see below have a secondary logo for the book spine. Ultimately they decided to hire an outside firm to design their logo, but I was pretty proud of these.
Voracious Tasting
These are various approaches I came to for Seattle Weekly's 2008 Voracious Tasting event (the first was chosen). I wanted these to reflect the paper's indie feel and keep these fun, while pushing each in very disparate directions. 
These are logos I created for a company that made inexpensive monitors to track the time needed to disinfect water using the sun's UV rays. I used themes of a bottle, the sun, and verification to create several logos, below were the final choices, the first being their final. 
Montessori at Samish Woods
I contracted with a school in Bellingham, Washington to create a logo to reflect their school's new ownership and new direction. They wanted to reflect the surrounds of the school which are quite beautiful: nestled in the woods, with a creek running behind it, and with some view of Lake Padden. These were the final choices, with the first being what they went with. 
Seattle Weekly's Hot Cocktails
This was a logo I created for a one time event that the Weekly hosted. They wanted me to use "cock" as the starting point, most likely because they thought it was funny. The first one was what they went with.
Happy Hour for Hope
Seattle Weekly's marketing team reached out to various bars throughout Seattle to host a weekly happy hour that sent a portion of proceeds to a charity of their choice. They called it Happy Hour for Hope and they needed something that could go on advertisements, table stands, and other event materials. This is the final logo chosen for the event, I picture the heart as a very special martini olive.
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